Symbiosis Project


Three of the oldest musical cultures, Palestinian, Syrian and Greek, are explored by the virtuoso musicians of Symbiosis Project. Using their musical instruments, oud, kanun and cello, they exchange their personal musical experiences derived from the traditions of their respective countries.

Their program features characteristic melodies from these places, performed together with their newest compositions and an intense presence of improvisation, stubbornly stating the relevance of rich music tradition in our days. They convey the audience on a long journey to places with rich culture and important musical heritage.


Bashar Sharifah: cello (Syria)
Ahmad Al Khatib: oud (Palestine)
Alkis Zopoglou: kanun (Greece)


medigrεcian productions
+41 79 557 11 36 Zürich Switzerland
+30 6979 274047 Kavala Greece

Symbiosis Project is available all year with a music program that can be customized to meet the requirements of any festival or venue.